Green Tips

Soft water is 12 times more effective at cleaning dishes than increasing the amount of detergent used.

Washing your clothes in cold water cuts laundry energy used by up to 90%.

Have outside taps bypass your water softener. You will use less energy by unnecessarily treating the water. Better yet collect rainwater from your downspouts to be used for your lawn and garden watering

The recommended eight glasses of water a day costs about $.49 a year from your tap, that same amount of bottled water is about $1400.

A water softener will eliminate scale build-up in water using appliances, thus reducing your electricity bill by up to 48%.

Replace aging appliances, fixtures and water softeners with new more efficient models to save up to 35% on energy costs.

Reduction of water hardness was up to 100 times more effective at stain removal than increasing the detergent dose or washing with hotter water. In fact, soft water can reduce soap use by as much as half.

Install a Reverse Osmosis system in your home and save the cost and inconvenience of carrying in bottled water. You will have fresh clean water at the turn of a tap while reducing your carbon footprint.

Hard water costs you money on excessive soap, cleaning products. Typically you will use 1/3 less product and it will be much more effective.

Don’t drink bottled water! Use a reusable bottle instead.

Take shorter showers – shortening your showers even by just one or two minutes can save up to 150 gallons of water a month.

Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are fully loaded.

Buy only quality products that are built to last. Inexpensive products from big box stores are difficult to get serviced and have a short life span. Unfortunately they end up clogging up our landfill sites.

Bring back the clothesline! Drying one load of laundry on a clothesline cuts out 4.4 pounds of CO2.