POLICE: Fraudulent water inspector scam

March 26, 2017 7:58 pm

The Brockville Recorder and Times published the following police report about a fraudulent water inspector scam.

City workers are not calling Brockville residents about checking on their water systems, city police say, warning residents about another scam active in the area.

“Brockville Police received several calls during the day Wednesday from residents who were getting phone calls from a company to check on their water systems,” police said in a media release.

“Police have confirmed with Jason Barlow, chief operator –water systems for the City of Brockville, they are not making these calls to residents in the city.”

Phone numbers on the call display from such scammers are “spoofed,” or disguised so the origin of the calls cannot be traced, police warned.

They will often show up as a strange combination of numbers that have been auto programmed, police added.

Residents are encouraged politely to decline the request for inspection and to not let contractors into their homes for water inspections that they have not solicited.

Original Article: http://www.recorder.ca/2017/03/24/police-fraudulent-water-inspector-scam