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Pure, clean, great tasting water – that’s our goal!

We have a solution for all your water needs! Whether your water is hard, poor tasting, smelly, stains your fixtures or even unsafe to drink, we have a solution to fit every home and budget. Trust us to deliver safe, clean, great tasting water to you and your family.

We offer a complete line of quality products.


Water Softeners

Soft water saves you time & money. Enjoy softer skin, silkier hair, brighter laundry, and spot-free dishes. Protect your plumbing and appliances from water scale build-up. Use less soap, lower the cost of heating your water, and extend the life of your laundry.

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Iron Softeners

Enjoy the benefits of two units in a single system. This iron softener unit is unique in that it handles small amounts of iron and hardness in one unit. Save money and space by addressing multiple concerns with a single solution. Note: This unit is not be used in applications where high iron levels and odours are present.

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Chemical Free Iron Filters

Problem water is no problem! Our chemical-free iron filters will tackle any tough job without expensive or messy chemicals. Eliminate iron and odours from your water with this high-efficiency iron filter. Once again you save time and money!

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Specialty Filters

Our “whole house” filters remove sediment, stains, bad taste, colour and odour. Enjoy water the way you like it – clean, clear, and odour free!

Taste and Odour: Remove chlorine, chloramines, or organic matter that makes water taste and smell bad. High quality activated carbon is used to absorb substances that cause these problems. More Details on Taste and Odour Filters

Multi-Media: This amazing filter makes your water crystal clear. It eliminates suspended sand and silt that causes your water and ice cubes to appear cloudy and dull. A multimedia filter will trap particulate matter as small as 20 microns, and prevents clogging of pipes, pumps and appliances. More details on Multi-Media Filters

Neutralizing appliances: Raises the PH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness and protect fixtures, plumbing, and appliances. More details on Neutralizing Applicances

Ultra-Violet Sterilizers

Canadians are fortunate to live in a land of fresh water and sparkling rivers. Generally we have good, safe water to drink; however, this is not always the case. Our Ultra-Violet water sterilizers, with proper pre-treatment, will resolve issues related to e-coli, hepatitis, influenza virus, salmonella, and many others. Enjoy water that is safe for you and your family. Give yourself peace of mind today!

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Reverse Osmosis

No need for expensive bottled water when you can enjoy fresh, clean, great tasting water at the turn of a tap with our Reverse Osmosis units.

Lots of good old-fashioned water is essential to our health. It replenishes body fluids faster and better than any liquid beverage sold on the market, and has zero calories.

Great tasting, high quality water straight from your own Reverse Osmosis unit, is convenient, saves you time and money, and protects our environment.

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TLC Tannins, Lignin, Colour Filter

Have you ever noticed an unpleasant musty, earthy smell in your water? Often the smell is accompanied by a yellowish tea-like colour.

Our TLC (Tannin, Lignin, Colour) Filter will greatly improve the aesthetics of your water while it prevents costly staining. This mixed bed filter is a single solution for multiple problems!

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