Iron Softeners

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Save money and space with our HIM Series Iron Softener. This combination Iron Softener is perfect for removing the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) but also small amounts of iron and manganese. Our HIM Series Iron Softener uses a combination of media to provide a single solution for your problem water. Note: This unit is not be used in applications where high iron levels and odours are present.

Say goodbye to:

  • dry, itchy skin
  • lifeless hair
  • dull, discoloured laundry
  • spotty, stained dishes and fixtures
  • scale build-up in plumbing pipes, water heaters, and other water using appliances

Benefits of our HIM Series Iron Softener:

  • silky, shiny hair
  • soft supple skin
  • brighter laundry
  • spot-free dishes
  • stain-free fixtures
  • taste and smell of water improves (due to the removal of iron and manganese)
  • up to 75% savings on cost of soap
  • up to 29% savings on water heating costs
  • Savings of as much as $479.00 annually
    *potential savings based on Water Quality Research Foundation Battelle Institute Study

Features of our HIM Series Iron Softener:

  • Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve
  • User friendly LCD display with 48 hour memory back-up
  • Fully adjustable cycles allow for the most efficient settings
  • NSF Certified fiberglass pressure tank
  • High density polyethylene salt tank
  • Brine safety valve for added overflow protection
  • Plastic salt grid prevents salt bridging
  • Unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in system bypass valve