Reverse Osmosis

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Our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System gives you fresh, clean, great tasting water at the turn of a tap. It is not only convenient but it saves time, money and our planet!

Say goodbye to:

  • harmful contaminants in your water
  • the inconvenience and loss of precious time lugging bottles
  • heavy plastic water bottles that take up valuable living space OR
  • small plastic water bottles that contaminate our bodies and environment


  • fresh clean great tasting water
  • the convenience of great tasting water at your fingertips
  • peace of mind knowing contaminants are reduced by up to 99%
  • saving time and money by not buying bottled water
  • saving our planet- one bottle at a time!

Features of our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System:

  • Quick connect disposable cartridges and membrane for easy maintenance of your Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
  • Built in auto water shut-offs eliminating need to turn off the water supply prior to maintenance
  • No need to go through the time consuming disinfection process of permanent canisters each time where more human contact increases the risk of contamination. Our new disposable cartridges changes in seconds and reduce contamination risk!
  • Four stage filtration: 5 micron sediment pre- filter, 10 micron coconut carbon pre & post filters, quick connect NSF Certified TFC membrane
  • Bayonet-style 1/4 turn quick connect disposable cartridges with auto water shut-off
  • Includes faucet and 3.0 gallon NSF Certified storage tank.(Designer faucets available)
  • 3/8” tubing for high product flow rate from tank to faucet
  • Quick connect fittings, inlet saddle and drain saddle, labelled tubing
  • Two year warranty (excluding consumable filter cartridges and RO membrane)

Reverse Osmosis Model with built in Booster Pump also includes:

  • Pump mounted on RO to maintain constant water pressure
  • Raises water pressure to ideal level for maximum efficiency
  • Use on rural supplies with low pressure or high TDS
  • Exclusive Auto Flush feature extends membrane life
  • Self-priming and whisper quiet
  • 24VAC transformer (included) from a standard 120VAC electrical outlet
  • Flexible mounting plate, quick connect fittings and pressure shut-off switch