Taste and Odour Filter

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Our unique HTO Taste & Odour Filter uses a two tank system to remove hardness, bad tastes and odor caused by chlorine, chloramines or organic matter. You get the same benefit as a separate water softener and whole-house carbon filter for a much lower price as the single control valve operates both systems.
Now you can enjoy truly refined water throughout your home! Note: A single tank model is available for the removal of taste and odour only.

Benefits of our HTO Taste and Odour Filter

  • Odor-free, great tasting water
  • No chlorine taste or smell!
  • Soft skin & silky hair
  • Spot free dishes
  • Brighter laundry
  • Easier cleaning
  • Protect plumbing & water using appliances from scale build-up
  • Great for municipal or city water

Features of our HTO Taste and Odour Filter

  • Two tank carbon system keeps media beds separate, allowing for more carbon contact for improved chlorine, chloramines and organic removal
  • Carbon can be replaced without replacing the resin bed
  • Same benefit as separate systems but with cost of only one control valve
  • Salt-efficient up flow regeneration
  • Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve
  • Proven piston, seal & spacer technology
  • Fully adjustable cycles allow customization to the most efficient settings
  • Backlit LCD display screen with no confusing codes or symbols
  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank
  • High density polyethylene salt tank with lifetime warranty
  • Brine safety valve for added over flow protection
  • Plastic salt grid prevents salt bridging
  • Unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in system bypass valve
  • Seven year warranty on control valve
  • Lifetime warranty on fibreglass tank